Dr. McCarthy Recieves “Outstanding Student Paper Award” from the 2009 AGU Fall Meeting


Christine McCarthy, who is currently a postdoctoral researcher working in the laboratory of Assistant Professor Yasuko Takei, attended the 2009 AGU Fall Meeting to present early results from the research she is conducting here at ERI. The project is an experimental study of an organic material that is used as an analogue to mantle rock. They perform a series of experiments to better understand how seismic waves are damped out while they are passing through the interior of the earth. By using the analogue material they are able to explore a much broader range of conditions than previous studies. At the conference, Dr. McCarthy was one of only two early-career scientists chosen to give oral presentations in the session. The research was viewed favorably by the community and she was acknowledged with an “Outstanding Student Paper Award”. Although technically not a student, Dr. McCarthy received her PhD less than one year prior to the conference and thus was deemed eligible for the prize. She continues to work in Dr.Takei’s lab for another year, in which time they hope to learn important information about the role of melt in the damping properties of materials.

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( http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2009AGUFMMR22B..03M)